The conflict between the George III and British Parliament (1760-1820)


  • Asst. Lect. ISRAA NOORI GHULAM Ministry of Education / Wasit Education Directorate



Lords, New World Colonies, King George III, Alwicki and Tories, British Throne, Robert Walpole, Slave Trade, Education Reform Laws, Religious Freedom for Catholics, Tax Reform Laws.


Modern Britain/ United Kingdom has witnessed important developments at the constitutional and political levels. These developments belong to the change of the families that acceded to the throne, along with positive transformations in its parliamentary life, since the transformation of historic House of Lords in the thirteenth century into two competing halls: one represents the lords and other represents the commons, in addition to the entry of a new element to the arena of the continuous conflict between these elements. This element is the government that has begun an organized work since the era of George I, who came from Germany in 1714 because he did not speak the country’s language (the English). During the reign of his grandson George III when serious transformations began, from the struggle of these different parties when he decided to wrest the power and the government’s authority in favour of the throne. Consequently, he had a bitter struggle and conspiracy’s approach, so each authority weakened the other. These transformations ended in two events that represented negative and dark points in the history of Britain/ United Kingdom, inter alia the murder of George III in a cunning way and the defeat of the British armies in the New World colonial wars. Our research tries to write down the images of the internal conflict and the transformations which took place during his era


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