Publishing rules for Lark Journal 

Lark Journal of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Social Sciences is a quarterly, refereed journal published by the College of Arts, Wasit University. It is interested in an unpublished scientific article in the field of philosophy, linguistics, and social sciences. 

 Publishing terms  

The journal publishes original scientific articles in the field of philosophy, linguistics, and social sciences, which is written in Arabic or English. 

The article is not previously published or submitted for publication in another journal, and the article pledges to do so and not submit it for publication to another party until the appropriate decision is taken in this regard. 

The article should not be part of a published book. 

It is not permissible to publish the article or parts thereof elsewhere after it has been approved for publication in Lark journal, except after obtaining written permission to do so from the editor-in-chief. The author’s consent to transfer all copyright to the journal, and if the journal wishes to republish the article, it must obtain written consent from its owner. 

Inform the author of the sources of his article support. 

The article origins that arrive in the journal are not returned, whether published or not. 


The submitted article for publication shall be sent to specialists for arbitration according to scientific principles. The article receives final acceptance after the author makes the amendments that are required by the judges. Nevertheless, researchers are responsible for the contents of their paper, and published paper reflects the viewpoint of its authors and not from the journal's point of view, and the editorial board is not responsible for it. Also, all article submitted to the journal is subject to a preliminary examination by the editorial board to determine its eligibility for arbitration and its adherence to publishing rules, and it has the right to apologize for not accepting the article without giving reasons. 

 Text requirements for publication  

The journal only publishes the following: 

  1. The number of paper pages should not exceed (20) pages of the normal parts (A4), and an amount of (2000) two thousand dinars will be collected for each additional page
  2. The article should contain: the title of the article in Arabic and English, and a summary in both Arabic and English on one page, up to (200) words for each summary, and that the search includes words that are specific to the exact specialization of the article in both languages and a brief biography of the researcher or researchers. 
  3. The author's name and current title are mentioned immediately after the title of the article in Arabic and English.
  4. The papers are presented in Times New Roman font (14) for the texts in the manuscript, and the article is written on one side, leaving a space of 1.5 between the lines.

The journal's policy requires (as much as possible) that the article consists of the following parts: 

  1. Introduction to the study: It includes the theoretical framework for the paper and the previous studies are part of it and integrated into the body of the introduction, that is, without a separate title)
  2. Study problems, goals, questions, and/or hypotheses.
  3. the importance of studying.
  4. Study limitations (if any).
  5. Definitions of terms.

Study procedures: It includes: 

  1. Society and sample. 
  2. Study tool.
  3. Validity and reliability of the tool.
  4. Study instructions.
  5. The approach followed in the study.
  6. Show results.
  7. Discuss the results.
  8. Conclusions and recommendations.

Diagrams and illustrations are inserted in the manuscript and numbered sequentially, and their names and explanatory notes are written below. 

Tables are included in the text and numbered sequentially, and their names are written above. The explanatory notes are written below the table. 

Footnotes are 1.5 cm on all sides of the page. 

Remember margins (if necessary) at the bottom of each page. 

The reference authentication method within the text is considered as the APA system. 

List the sources and references in alphabetical order according to the nickname and according to the APA system at the end of the article. (As the number is mentioned in the body of the article when using the source)  

Page numbers within the text are mentioned only in quotes. Margins at the bottom of the page can only be used if necessary and are indicated by a number or a star. 

 Things to deliver  

The papers are presented in three copies, according to the requirements of the text submitted for publication. 

 The author presents an electronic version of the article written on Microsoft Word for Windows. The electronic version can be satisfied. 

The researcher should attach his CV, including his name, in Arabic and English, his current job title, his academic rank, and his most important researches. 

Search delivery message. 

Posting pledge. 

  1. Payment of subscription fees of 100,000 Iraqi dinars is required for researchers from inside Iraq and $ 100 USD for researchers outside of Iraq, according to the following methods
  2. Direct payment in the College of Arts Building at Wasit University 
  3. Transfer through Al-Taif Company for Financial Transfer addressed to the authorization of the journal ()
  4. Transfer via (Western Union) Wasit. addressed to the magazine's authorization (), provided that the journal does not bear the commission of the transfer) For further inquiries, you can contact us at

Please submit your paper via the Journal’s website