Identifying the Difficulties behind EFL Learners' Confusion in Comprehending the Meaning of English Phrasal Verbs


  • Lecturer Eman Abdusalam AL-Khalil English Dept. - College of Education for Human Sciences – University of Basra – Iraq



Keywords: English Phrasal Verbs, Difficulties, EFL Learners, Recommendations.


Though English phrasal verbs form an important and integral part of English grammar and vocabulary, they have a negative impact on language learning, hence a problematic issue in the area of ESL/EFL learning and teaching. Their complexity arises from their unusual constructions when the meaning of two or more words together may differ from the meanings of the combined words in isolation. This eventually leads to EFL learners' confusion in understanding the phrasal verbs intended meaning jointly with their particles when listening to, writing and speaking English, due to their idiomatic and polysemous nature, types, constructions, the contextual, stylistic and cultural differences of their uses between the source and target languages.                                                                                     

In this study, the researcher aims to verify EFL Learners' difficulties in understanding the actual meaning of English Phrasal Verbs within a variety of texts and contexts by adopting a descriptive-analytical method from a syntactic-semantic point of view. To establish a theoretical background of the study assumptions, the researcher tends to identify the patterns of phrasal verbs constructions, types, characteristics, and the interpretation of their meanings, literally or non-literally. Then, the researcher also practically addresses and diagnoses the causes of such difficulties in comprehending and interpreting their communicative meanings, as a result of the very different tone or nuance between the SL and TL with examples. Finally, the study concludes with some remarks about the hypotheses of the study providing some recommendations to be implemented while teaching and learning ESL/EFL.                                                                                             




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