Reality in Haim Hazaz's Works


  • Lect. Dr HAYDER AHMED JASIM AL BAHRANI Baghdad University/ College of Languages/ Hebrew Language Department



Haim Hazaz, literary works, reality, impact.


Haim Hazaz, one of the Jewish writers who focused on poetry and prose in his works, was born in 1898 in Ukraine and died of a heart attack on 24 March 1973. He utilized his writing to serve the Zionist movement by impacting Jews worldwide, encouraging them to immigrate to Palestine, and then establishing the State of Israel.  It is clear to all that literary works significantly influence readers more than all other means.

     Haim has adopted the realistic style in his works, especially through writing stories, which came as a result of living for quite a while in a Russian realistic school.

    Hazaz has won the Israel Prize in 1953 as the first Hebrew non-fiction writer who wrote about Jews in Europe and Yemen and their immigration to Israel. Hazaz focused on the issue of Jews living in the east and west of the globe in most of his literary works, especially in writing stories. He addressed the lives of migrants in detail: the circumstances of their immigration to Israel, the difficulties encountered them, their relations with each other, and their social, economic, and religious status.

    He was recognized for his accurate selection of characters in stories as well as their influential roles in the plot of the story. He has conceptualized the chosen characters as amazing and miraculous; these characters are reflections of the Jews who lived in the east and west of the globe and who had to immigrate to the Promised Land, according to his description.



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