Negative Concord in Some Selected Quranic Verses: A Contrastive Study


  • Researcher Saja Mohammed Magrood Directorate of Education Thi Qar, Ministry of Education, Iraq



Keywords: contrastive, dialectal, negative concord, selected verses, vernacular


Because it compares Negative concord in Arabic and English to determine the similarities and differences between the two languages, the current study is a descriptive, analytical, and contrastive one. Since negative concord is a phenomenon that has garnered a lot of interest in recent research, the study attempts to describe, analyze, and compare negative concord in English and Arabic. Two or more syntactic negations that are in agreement semantically are referred to as negative concord. In order to demonstrate how Negative concord is dialectal in English and how it occurs in both standard and non-standard Arabic, this study compares the occurrence of Negative concord in vernacular or non-standard English to that of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and vernacular varieties in Arabic.


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