Figurative Interrogative in Semitic languages- A comparative study


  • Ass. Prof. Laith Hassan University of Baghdad - College of Languages - Syriac Language Department



real interrogative , figurative interrogative , Semitic language, real interrogative, figurative interrogative, Semitic language


Our research deals with  a comparative study, delving into the fictitious rhetorical interrogative uses in three Semitic languages (Arabic, Syriac, and Hebrew) by following those multiple figurative interrogative uses, which are for rhetorical purposes and diagnosing their varied richness.  These uses vary in many meanings and using letters and different interrogative names to express the interrogative and figurative meanings (rhetorical) other than the true interrogative meaning in which those languages in question share. Although the linguistic tools for the components of the sentences in the text are interrogative, the components of the events in those sentences indicate other uses other than the meaning of interrogative;  the meaning of the interrogative in the languages in the current study appears to be different in meanings such as denial, determination, sarcasm, denial, reprimand, reprimand, mourning, and multiplying, as well as it refers to other figurative (rhetorical) meanings that are specific to the Arabic language from the other Syriac and Hebrew languages. In this linguistic study, the comparative linguistic approach was followed by shedding light on the many linguistic methods that these languages share in a way other than the real interrogative meaning and using explicit interrogative tools supported by linguistic evidence from the Holy Qur’an and the Bible. The current study is concluded with some conclusions that were reached in


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