The Temporal and Spatial Variation of the Times of Sports Activities in Wasit Governorate using the Global Thermal Climate Index (UTCI)


  • Researcher Habeeb Fadhel Khudair Waist University / College of Waist University
  • Prof. Dr. Nasser Wali Frayeh Waist University



Key words: Global climate index (UTIC), Sports activities, Heat stress, Mean radiant temperature Tmtr, Physiological response.


The seasons vary in the year among themselves, while they vary with the set of weather variables that make up the climatic condition in the study area for a certain time, the results during the research that were used as the Global Climate Index (UTCI), which determined the comfortable and appropriate period and months in the schedule of sports activities in the study are   This year's Universal (UTIC(..

The monthly and hourly climatic data for the period (1988-2018) were used to determine the comfortable and uncomfortable months and seasons and their climatic suitability, based on the results of the Global Thermal Climate Index (UTIC) and analyzing the results extracted according to the parameters that pertain to this indicator.

The thermal analysis of the indicator showed that there is a clear discrepancy between the times during the months and seasons, which shows that the appropriate times for establishing activities and sports practice start from the month of October and end at the beginning of the month of April, and these times include the morning and afternoon times, either the afternoon times are during the winter months only , while the unsuitable and disturbing months, which start from April and end in September, which are characterized by clear rises in the levels of the thermal index, which makes these times of unsuitable times and unsuitable climatically, as the appropriate and inappropriate areas were represented graphically and according to the stations of the study area.

Author Biography

  • Prof. Dr. Nasser Wali Frayeh, Waist University

    Professor at the Department of Geography


أ‌- : رسائل الماجستير

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Habeeb Fadhel Khudair , R., & Nasser Wali Frayeh, P. D. (2022). The Temporal and Spatial Variation of the Times of Sports Activities in Wasit Governorate using the Global Thermal Climate Index (UTCI). Lark, 14(1), 974-934.