Intertextuality In Ana'am Kujaji Novel '' Al- Nabedah '' '' The Untouchable ''


  • Researcher Researcher Ala'a Rasheed Jallab Sobeih Wasit University/ College of Arts/ Arabic language department
  • Prof Dr. Mohammed Ridha Al-Awsi Wasit University/ College of Arts/ Department of Arabic Language



Intertextuality with history, Intertextuality with the religious inherited, Intertextuality with literature


The text overlap or intertextuality is a critical term that appeared in the middle of the 20th century to form a stylistic artistic technique that imposed itself in the field of literary studies. It is a concept that is based on texts overlap and their coherence and it is a textual correlation between two or more texts to produce a new creative text and the new text absorbs or transforms another text to create new indications that can realize the artistic and the aesthetic values in the literary text. Intertextuality is a crucial concept because every literary text depends on the previous concurrent texts. The current research aims to follow the images of intertextuality in the novel because the writer was aaffected by many backgrounds, the historical, the religious, and the literary backgrounds. The research aims to uncover the most prominent mechanisms that the writer uses in the novelist text to send many sides of the novel to the readers. The researcher studies the most prominent techniques of recruitment that the writer based on and her aim in using the different types of intertextuality (the historical, the religious, and the literary) depending on the descriptive-analytical approach.



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