Repetition and semantic relationships in Surat Al-Mulk (Textual study)


  • أ.د. أسيل متعب الجنابي كلية الآداب / جامعة واسط



Repetition, semantic relationships / Surat Al-Malik, textual.


The study deals with some elements of textual coherence in Surat Al-Mulk, namely: repetition and semantic relationships. As these methods are characterized by semantic condensation that feels continuity in the interconnectedness and coherence of the texts, the repetition has taken various forms that are descriptive and argumentative, in which there are means of persuasion that affects the recipient, and this is derived from the different expressions and structures that were repeated in the surah from referring elements, related names, and words of majesty , And verbal sentences. Contributed to the coherence and cohesion of texts.

As well as semantic relationships such as: the sum and the detail that necessitate the existence of a sentence that is the central meaning of the outline separated by the sequences of the subsequent sentence. The cause-and-effect relationship that functions how the composition in the text relates to its own context, as well as the condition, question and answer relationship that added an element of dialogue, which made the surah .

more connected and coherent.

key words:

Repetition, semantic relationships / Surat Al-Malik, textual.


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