Educational thought of the ancient Greek philosophers


  • الباحثة منال صالح مهدي جامعة واسط كلية الاداب
  • ا.د. حامد حمزة حمد جامعة واسط كلية الاداب



This research aims to show the educational ideas  of  the ancient  philosophers of Greece ,so we  found  the philosophers of  the natural  school, and the philosophers  of  the  Elysian  school and syncretic school Despite this , we found  some, among the philosophers  of these school , Including  thales ,Heraclitus ,waxano, Anaxagoras and Demeritus,  who mentioned  some of  the  moral and  educational  commandments ,for  The purpose of refining the morals of  people, and intended to build a healthy  society .as for the sophist  school ,we found  educational ideas,  but  some of them are positive ,provides   advice and guidance  in raising Achild  and caring for  him while  others are negative, hostil to mental  research and constitute  a negative attitude towards  the direction of knowledge  and virtue .the Pythagorean  school is a school in itself  that Is characterized by a discreet educational system, a careful mental curriculum ,and people circulate some of its teachings,  which were called  to social  political and her educational  ideas  were  dyed with a religious  character







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