The meaning and significance of the word (Al-Masih) in the Old Testament

(המובן והמשמעות של מילת (המשיח) בתנ"ך)


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Every people or group, awaiting their Savior or Savior, has almost identical characteristics in form and differ in form. Where this collective mind is framed by the threads of myth, or based on it by different texts and different writings, the idea of ​​Christ the Savior is closely related to religious thought in general, and the Jew in particular. It is a thought deeply rooted in history, which expressed in various historical periods the impotence of the human being, although the idea of ​​waiting for Christ is as old as history, but she knew its maturity and its full growth with the ideas of a particular religion, Jewish thought.

It can be said that the word Christ, like all words of language, has acquired a new meaning in ages and cultures that clearly manifest itself in a person sent from God, who has special abilities that he enjoys without other people whose nature was able to combine the divine and human in the person of the “Son of Man” . This king of David's dynasty will return to restore the glory of the Kingdom of Israel, eliminate their enemies, rebuild the temple, rule the Sharia, and other concepts that this word has worn out due to successive events experienced by  Jews.


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