The name of the Journal (LARK) and the content of its slogan came from the important Archeology location of LARK city (Al-Wilayah hill currently), which is located 35 km southeast of Al-Kut city, Wasit province center. The Journal's slogan refers to the seal found at the Archeology location of LAQR city, and it refers to the frond that includes the palm dates which is the holly tree or life tree that has much specific significance in religious thought in Mesopotamia. It is the symbol of fertilized land, Grace, and growth. The palm appeared in many Artistic important works such as in seals, Obelisk, or wall sculptures. LARK city is considered an important archeological location in Wasit city belongs to a prominent Sumerian city, and constricted many emperors pre-post the flood till the end of Ur descent (2004  H.). It is the third five cities in Mesopotamia before the flood: Areedo, Bat-Beera, LARK, Sbar, and Shorback. The city passed through many stages such as the slavery era (4500-38  BC.), Al-Warka era (3200-3800 BC.), the beginning of dynasties (2400-3000 BC.), Acadian era (2160-2370 BC.), and 3rd Ur era (2004-2112 BC.). The general Body started with two campaigns of exploration, the first chaired by Dr. Tariq Madhloom, then the work stopped and started again in 2000, chaired by Dr. Sabah Salman Rameedh, and the exploration is still under process.