The vow of Iraqi heritage


  • امتثال كاظم الموسوي مركز احياء التراث العلمي العربي جامعة بغداد



النذور، التراث، العراقي


The vow is a religious belief, within the customs, traditions and rituals of all the heavenly religions, a tradition which, since prehistoric times, offered vows and vows to the goddess. Later vows evolved after the heavenly religions descended and vows became pure to God Almighty and were distributed at the thresholds, shrines, shrines, And the vow is a term and a language is a positive Malis duty to the self donation, and when Muslims called vow and collect vows either in Christ called the Buthouh and collect Bawiat is a Chaldean word, meaning the meaning of demand and supplication and prayer and vows offered on religious occasions and certain days and only The customs and traditions of religion and depends on the desire of the vow and its economic level may be a sacrifice or several sacrifices, and may be kilo of sweets or bread or incense and remains vowel pending until the request and there are three terms we speak about vows and importance and vows and talk about the personality recipes Khadr Elias model Vows that Submit it.








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