Amnesty Act in Iraqi Society Sociological Vision


  • Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmed Yassen Ahmed Wasit University College of Arts



Social dimensions, laws. Amnesty, reform, society, crime


The research seeks to answer a crucial topic, namely, what role the Amnesty Act has in the reform movement in Iraqi society, particularly with regard to offenders. And is it conceivable to be a weapon for achieving social justice within society, or a tool in the hands of corrupt persons for evading responsibility for crimes perpetrated against individuals and society? The social and political aspects of general amnesty laws under the Iraqi Penal Code are discussed. Analyzing the results that arose from the previous decisions in the research using the inductive method, the study draws a number of conclusions, including that the legislative body in Iraq approves comprehensive amnesty laws. (the Iraqi parliament). And that the proliferation of the Amnesty Act in Iraq has diminished the general deterrent effect of punishment. Frequently, amnesty laws are issued based on the political situation, therefore they are hardly reformist.


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