The Knights of the White Camellia and its Racist Activity towards Blacks in the United States of America 1868-1874


  • Assist. Lecture Barik Ahmed Tali Ministry of education - Rusafa Directorate of Education 1



Knights of the White Camellias, racist politics, blacks, reconstruction


This article discusses the racial activities against the blacks by Knights of the White Camilla. The causes behind their establishment, program, aims, and the role they adopted in dealing with the blacks in the Southern States, especially after the Reconstruction era after the blacks had been integrated into civil and political American life, inciting white supremacists to form several racial organizations which embraced terrorism to prevent them from those right.  It also discusses whether the formation of Knights of the White Camilla stemmed from the credence of their protagonists to oppose the blacks and their rights, or that racial ideas and activists that KKK came up with had an accelerating effect to emerge them on the American stage. 

The article gets to several conclusions; Knight of White Camilla was influenced by the racial approach the KKK called for, however, they didn’t practice systemized killing against blacks; their activity was limited to intimidating the blacks to deprive them of their political rights. This affected their activity and reduced their supporters for they thought that they are unable to achieve their goal. Finally, under pressure by the federal administration, they broke up and came to an end in 1874.


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