Anson Jones's political impact in Texas (1833-1836)


  • Researcher Noor Mohsen Sultan Al-Atabi Wasit University / College of Education
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Khairy Matroud Wasit University / College of Education



Texas, Anson Jones, Mexico, The revolution, 1835 AD.


Since they arrived in North America, the Spanish have unsuccessfully endeavoured to assert their presence and control throughout the bulk of the continent. Nonetheless, they were able to establish a foothold in some North American regions, most notably Mexico, which remained under their power until 1821. When a revolution that led to independence from the Spanish Empire broke out. The Spanish possessions were transferred to the new authorities of Mexico, but they were unable to establish a stable state. Some of Mexico's areas, where the bulk of the population was of Anglo-American descent, revolted and sought independence as a result of the country's continuous weak administration and numerous internal difficulties. These regions were led by what was historically known as Texas, which declared its independence from Mexico in 1835 due to internal and external factors and motivations. And then established an independent republic before declaring its desire to join the American Union and become a state in 1846. To do this, Texas required male leaders with outstanding talents and skills, including the subject of this study, Anson Jones, the final president of the Texas Republic. In this study, we will examine certain aspects of his contributions to the Texas Revolution and his independence from Mexico.

Author Biography

  • Researcher Noor Mohsen Sultan Al-Atabi , Wasit University / College of Education

    Full name and surname: Muhammad Ali Ibrahim Muhammad al-Asadi

    Born: 9/17/1990

    Place of birth: Iraq / Wasit / Al-Hayy

    He holds a master's degree in literature and criticism, College of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad

    Academic title: Assistant teacher

    Place of work: General Directorate of Education, Wasit Governorate



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