Early French-Ottoman relations until 1716


  • Researcher Zainab Ali Hasoon Wasit University / College of Education
  • Dr. Fahd Awaid Abd Wasit University / College of Education




the Ottoman Empire, Bayezid II, François I, Cato-Cambrisses.


The research represents the early establishment of Ottoman French relations, which are rooted in the end of the fifteenth century, the beginning of which was marked by the attempt by Sultan Bayzid II (1481-1512) to establish a relationship with France based on negotiation with the French King Louis XI in order to obtain his brother, Prince Jem, who was in the hands of the French King. this relationship wasn't out of coldness and weaknesses , yet its evolved between the two parties By the sixteenth century to lead for an alliance and military support, Also it solidified more specially after The Sultan granted economic privileges to France, and achieved its economic, diplomatic and economic goals


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