Poem "At Night" Semantic stylistic vision)


  • Dr. Zainab madeh Jbaraal- nuaimi Universityof Wasit Basic Education college




This research deals with a stylistic analysis on the semantic level of the poem "At the Night" by the great poet Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab. It focuses on the semantic dimension of the words which belong to the semantic fields of time, space and some other fields. By his selection of these words, Al-Sayyab was able to present one of the best artistic poems ever, which illustrated his great linguistic intelligence and poetic talent; he accomplished that by using temporal and spatial words to indicate the extent of suffering he went through as a result of his psychological alienation, exile from the country, sickness, orphan hood, and loneliness. He used these semantic words on four levels: the semantic field of time and space, the field of color indication, and the field of titles' indication. We located the places of each of these words in the given poem "At the Night", which the poet wrote at the end of his life while he was sick and away from his country.

In the conclusion of the research, we clarified the results of selecting these semantic words in the given poem "At the Night". We also talked about the image of the night and its relationship to the poet's suffering that was the result of his longing for his mother and his village "Jikor"; we placed this as an "objective equation" to explain his relationship with his mother and his attachment to her.







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