Écriture Fèminie in Carol Ann Duffy's Selected Poems


  • Researcher Wasan Hussein Keif University of Wasit, College of Education for Human Sciences, Department of English Language and Literature
  • Assi.Prof. Dr Shireen Shihab Hamad Wasit University / College of Education




Écriture féminine, Carol Ann Duffy, patriarchy, Standing Female Nude, Little Red Cap, Eurydice


Écriture féminine, or "feminine writing," refers to a distinctively feminine writing style characterised by textual disturbances such as gaps, silences, puns, new images and so on. Écriture feminine depicts a specific feminine style that is different from the typical male one. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the concept of écriture féminine in a collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy, the first woman poet laureate of the United Kingdom. The poet brilliantly  covers a wide range of stereotypical feminine qualities and identities. Duffy's poetry challenges patriarchal oppression of women and advocates for equal representation in all aspects of society.


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