Social Support for Women Supporting their Families in Conflict Affected Areas: A Field Study in AlMosul City


  • Ass.Prof .Dr Maysam Yaseen Obiad University of Baghdad - College of Education for Women - Department of Sociology



The research aims to identify the social support for women who support their families. The aims toclarify the active role of women during the conflict and after it and the most important sources of support presented to them and their role in conflicts adjournment, peacebuilding and reconstruction in the areas affected by the conflict. This is due to the important role of women during and after the conflicts at the local level similar to her role as a fighter and supporter, a leader in a community, and peacemaker at times of conflict. The study population consisted of (110) women in the city of Mosul.  To achieve the objectives of the study, the social support scale was used. After verifying the stability and validity of the tools, they were applied to the study sample.  There were no statistically significant differences between the social support and women's support for their families according to the variable of housing. Besides, the study showed the absence of statistically significant differences between the social support and women's support for their families according to the age variable, while there were differences in the study variables attributed to the profession in favor of free business.The study did not reveal any statistically significant differences between social support and women's support for their family according to the variable of the number of family members.


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