The Effectiveness of Role Play Method in technical Learning English among Fifth Grade Pupils in Iraq


  • Researcher Noor Mohammed Kadhim Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai, Tamil Nadu - India



Effectiveness, Role Play



English is one of the most important and basic subjects among the study subjects, The English language is one of the international languages spread in all countries of the world, and it is one of the means of social communication between peoples in different countries, And the aim of this study is to apply a modern method in teaching English language (representative role), which depends on the easy representative roles in the classroom through which the students interact and the topic becomes clear, the researcher used the experimental design with partial control for the research, and the researcher chose one of the primary schools in Wasit Governorate, intentionally, and the research sample consisted of (67) students divided into two divisions (A) and (B), and he was rewarded among the students of the two research groups in the pre-test variable.

The researcher confirmed the validity of the test by presenting it to a group of experts, and according to its statistical stability using the Pearson correlation coefficient, as the reliability coefficient reached (1.035), and the duration of the experiment for the research lasted two months, The result of the experiment ended with the superiority of the experimental group to the controlled group which refers to the significant differences on ( 0.05 ), The results of this research were the commitment of the students to perform the representative roles, which raises the motivation for preparation and creativity in the lesson and increases their attention throughout the lesson.


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