The secular occurrence at Al-Damad


  • م. عبدالجواد عبدالرزاق جواد الحسيني جامعة واسط



The (Al-Dahar) occurrence is one of the most prominent features of Yemeni Wisdom's School, which represents the high evolution of intellectual and philosophical, as the philosopher Damad reached the top with this concept, and it is also an origin to beyond, it's lead to first signals by   Shirazi's school of the top wisdom. Al-Damad has expanded the rules from which the philosophical detective. After were limited to the rational dimension, he opened the circle to include the novelist dimension of the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), and this is what distinguishes this school from Mashaaia's school according to curriculum.

The important thing here is what is the permanent (Al-dahri) occurrence, and how it is; Although there are important texts in explaining and defending the theory of (Aldahri) occurrence, as will come. In addition to the texts of Al-Damad, however, it is usually used to understand what Sheikh Hadi Al-Sabzwari (d. 1272 AH) presented from an understanding of the theory, which is an understanding in which there are many gaps that must be overcome, and this is what the research aims at.








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