Between eastern and western women




Sami Michael, Equal and more equal, the woman's personality.


The image of women (equal and more equal) by the Israeli-Iraqi novelist (Sami Mikhail) is the image of Jewish women in the time of immigration and destruction, a loud voice embodied by the figures of the feminist novel, in an attempt to awaken and alert Israeli society in the direction of the great injustice suffered by women, specifically - women Iraqi Judaism - In light of the contradictions and negatives of this society.

And the female voice in the novel expresses - remarkably - the miserable world of women in all its dimensions, as it describes the external world of a woman, everything that surrounds her, her relationship with the opposite sex (man), and the nature of that relationship, at the same time he does not forget to He stands at the borders of her inner world and the pain and suffering involved in it because of the external reality imposed on her by restrictions that go beyond the framework of this reality, seeking the essence of its deep self.

And the research tries to stand at the image in which the image of the eastern and western women is manifested and it is an intense voice that the novelist tried hard to communicate through more than one event related to more than one character starting from his mother and sister and passing through his friends and lovers and most notably (Madeleine) who lived a bitter experience because of the migration that eventually led to He was killed and ended up with (Margaret) his mistress, through an analytical narrative study in this novel.

Author Biography

  • م. علي محمد رشيد, جامعة بغداد
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رشيد ، علي محمد(2017) ، توظيف اللهجة العامية في رواية حمام في ميدان الطرف الاغر لسامي ميخائيل ، مجلة مركز بابل للدراسات الحضارية ، ع 17 ، مج 3 .

رشيد ، علي محمد ؛ زوبع ، علاء عبد الدائم (2020)، قراءة في رواية بوق في وادي لسامي ميخائيل ، مجلة مركز بابل للدراسات الحضارية ، ع 1 ، مج 10 .

وادي ، طه (1994) ، صورة المرأة في الرواية المعاصرة،دارالمعارف، مصر،الطبعة الرابعة.

رشيد ، علي محمد ، آلام الطفولة في رواية السيرة الذاتية ( قصة عن الحب والظلام ) لعاموس عوز، مجلة كلية اللغات ، ع 34 ، 2016 .


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