Strategies of Subtitling Swear words in The Wolf of Wall Street Movie


  • زينب سامي حول, أ.م. قسم الترجمة/ كلية الآداب جامعة البصرة/ العراق



Translation Strategies, taboo, Swear words, AVT, Subtitling



Audiovisual translation ( AVT ), including subtitling, constitutes a fundamental part of Translation Theories and Translation Studies; however, it has been neglected till recent years. Gradually, a number of studies begun to appear especially those attributed to the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation. As these studies continually increase, new technologies and media forms became in a glare of publicity. These technologies and forms ,i.e. international and intercultural communications led to the emergence of new forms of translation. The most efficacious and widely-spread form is cinematography. The translation of cinematography works is called AVT. Scholars state ten kinds of AVT which can be united and classified into two main groups, i.e. subtitling and revoicing.

The present study concerns subtitling which generally means producing a dialogue translation in a film or an animated film in the form of titles usually appear at the bottom of the image or the screen . It attempts to shed light on subtitling( and in particular of swear words ) from English into Arabic in Terence Winter's The Wolf of Wall Street movie. It aims at investigating how the subtitler of this movie has dealt with these words in the original dialogue with the existence of the constraints imposed upon him. A quantitative analysis of the strategies used in subtitling the words and the number of  those, the words, which have been changed through rendering , have been set to answer  such a question.


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