About the Journal

Lark Journal of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Social Sciences is a quarterly, refereed journal published by the College of Arts, Wasit University. It is interested in unpublished scientific research in the field of philosophy, linguistics, and social sciences.

Lark- This name, which became the name of our magazine, indicates an important archaeological site in Wasit Governorate, its origin is a large Sumerian city of importance, most of the pre-Flood and post-Flood empires of the Third Dynasty (2004 BC), which is the third of the first five cities in the country Mesopotamia before the flood, Ooredoo, Bat-Pera, Lark, Spar, Shorbak. The city has undergone civilizational roles such as the role of slaves (4500-3800 BC), the role of Warka (3800-3200 BC), the dawn of dynasties (3000-2400 BC), the Akkadian era (2370-2160 BC), as well as the Third Ur dynasty (2112 2004 BC). This site is now called (Tel El Wilaya), located southwest of the Al-Ahrar district in Wasit Governorate, 35 km from the center of Al-Kut. The Iraqi Antiquities and Heritage Authority conducted two excavation campaigns headed by Dr. Tariq Mazloum, and then work stopped. He resumed again in the year 2000, headed by Dr. Sabah Salman Rumaid. The exploration was not complete